Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you advise we schedule our shoot at 7pm or early in the morning? Won’t the kids be cranky? 
While I understand the risks of letting your two year old stay up past bedtime, it is worth the risks! The beautiful warm tones found in most of my outdoor sessions is due to the golden glow of sunset. Most people call it “golden hour” which is the hour before sunset, and the hour after sunrise. If the booking time is close to bedtime, I recommend pushing the little one’s naptime by approximately an hour to help them be fully rested before the session. On some occasions I will allow a booking that is not during this time, but it will be in locations that are primarily shady and out of direct sunlight to avoid harsh shadows. 

What if my children are unruly, misbehaved, or just don’t follow your posing instructions? 
Absolutely do not ever stress about a photo session with me. My photography style focuses on documenting the love and bond between people. This cannot happen if parents have to constantly scold their children, or kids feel extra pressure to perform. Throughout the session, I will try to get a few posed shots with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. Between these shots, I want candid, realistic shots of the family. If you’re unsure what to do, or you feel like your child needs to run, let’s play! Run around, play hide and seek, tag, or get into a tickle fight! All of these create a playful, fun energy to the session that can instantly help kids (and dads!) lighten up for those natural smiles. 

What if we don’t have any outfits that match your color palettes for the season? 
Neutral, natural colors are best! You can pull something together from your closet, just focus on wearing no loud patterns, no big logos, and soft tones (no neon). Remember the whole family doesn’t have to wear the same color, or the same outfit. If you’re unsure, lay the outfits together on your bed and try accent colors. For example, it looks better to have 4 outfits with complimenting coloring, rather than all different types of blue. The color guides are just a reference, if you need more help, don’t be afraid to send me a photo of the outfits laid out and I can assist in creating the best grouping! 

Where should I order prints? 
Although most sessions include digitals, my store does include the option to purchase prints. These prints come from a print shop in Kansas, and will be properly toned and cropped based on my approval. The cost of these prints directly benefits local business, including Sanders Photography. I recommend using a reputable, local print shop if you choose not to purchase through my store. Printers like walgreens, walmart, shutterfly, etc. are not reputable for their coloring, crops, or quality. I cannot guarantee these prints will come out to satisfaction. 
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